Frequently Asked Questions


1. When will The Icon on Portage be ready for occupancy?
Available for immediate possession

2. Who are the developers and architects for The Icon on Portage?
The developer is EdgeCorp Developments Ltd. a Winnipeg-based integrated real estate development group.
The architects are BLDG Architecture Office Inc.

3.What kind of security is being provided at The Icon on Portage?
The building’s front door is equipped with a secure telephone intercom system.  Surveillance cameras are situated in the parkade and at each entrance. Suite entry door has a deadbolt and security door viewer.

4.What kind of fire protection is being provided at The Icon on Portage?
The building is fully equipped with hard wired fire system including common area and in-suite sprinkler, smoke & heat detectors, audibles & strobes.  Fire system to be installed and monitored as per code requirements.

5. Will there be a resident caretaker at The Icon on Portage?
The Icon on Portage is professionally managed by an independent property management company.

6. What type of foundation and building structure is used to construct The Icon on Portage?
Piled foundation, 2nd floor hollowcore, 3rd & 4th floor wood .  24” wood webjoist floor system with 1” gypcrete topping acoustically engineered for sound suppression.

7. What materials are on the exterior of the building?
Combination of acrylic stucco and brick.

8. What level of soundproofing can be expected at The Icon on Portage?
R28 exterior wall insulation, acoustically engineered walls & floor system, double 2x4 wood stud framing between suites with insulation and air space for maximum sound suppression.

9. Can I customize my new home at The Icon on Portage and what options are available and pre-priced for my review and consideration?
Suite finishes have been finalized.  

10. What is the heating system at The Icon on Portage?
In-suite forced air electric heating and air conditioning with in-suite thermostats.

11. Is The Icon on Portage equipped with an elevator?
Yes, there are two elevators conveniently located in the lobby.

12. What are the Common Element Fees at The Icon on Portage, and what do they pay for?
Common Element Fees cover the costs associated with running the condominium corporation (ex. Snow removal, lawn care, in-suite hydro, cleaning & repairs of common areas).  Suite owners contribute to the common expenses in the proportions shown in the declaration.

Common elements include all the property on the plan except the individual suites (outer walls, roof, hallways, main entrances, elevators, heating and cooling equipment, parking garage, driveway and grounds).

13. What type of parking is provided? How many parking stalls can I have?
In-ground heated and outdoor surface parking stalls are available to purchase.

14. Are appliances included in my purchase price at The Icon on Portage?
Yes, suites include: stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher.

15. Do The Icon on Portage condominiums come with balconies?
Suites have spacious 6' x 12' balconies, except for Suites A and D, which have balconets (aka Juliet Balconies)

16. As a suite owner, will I have any part to play in the on-going operation and management of The Icon on Portage?
The members of the Condominium Corporation are the owners of the suites.  The corporation acts through its board of directors to manage the property for the benefit of the suite owners.

17. Have Rules and Regulations been established for residents of The Icon on Portage?
Rules and regulations will be described in detail in the condominium documents and by-laws.

18. Can I purchase a condominium home at The Icon on Portage and rent it until I am ready to occupy it myself?
Yes, you can rent your condominium provided you and your tenant comply with the declaration, by-laws, and rules of the condominium corporation, The Condominium Act and The Residential Tenancies Act.

19. What type of insurance will I require with respect to my new condominium home at The Icon on Portage?
The condominium corporation will provide insurance coverage for common areas and overall building.  Owners will require separate insurance policies as set out by your insurance company to cover the suite, contents and any upgrades/improvements.

20. What are my real estate taxes likely to cost at The Icon on Portage?
The City of Winnipeg Assessment and Taxation Department set the real estate taxes for properties in Winnipeg.  Taxes are assessed and confirmed at a later date and are dependent on the size and purchase price of the unit.

21. Is the GST included in the purchase price?
The purchase price has been presented net of GST after the new home rebate is deducted assuming this suite as your primary residence. In the event the purchaser is not entitled to the GST new home rebate, chooses not to assign it or is entitled only to the rental rebate (which cannot be assigned) the Purchase Price will increase to an amount equal to the Purchase Price set out above multiplied by 1,050/1,032.

22. Which condominium homes at The Icon on Portage are still available?
Please contact the sales agent for more information. 

23. Is The Icon on Portage an age restricted condominium?

24. Is smoking allowed at The Icon on Portage?
As per the Non-Smokers Health Protection Act, smoking is not allowed in common areas including but not limited to the lobby, hallways, stairwells, elevator and parking garage.

25. Are pets allowed at The Icon on Portage?
Yes, though quantity and size are restricted.  The project by-laws and declaration will describe the rules in detail.

26. How will I dispose of my garbage and recycling at The Icon on Portage?
A designated garbage area is located outside the parking garage with bins for disposing of garbage & recycling.

27. What type of roof will the building have?
Flat roof with modified SBS roof membrane.

28. What kinds of windows were used?
Windows are an energy efficient triple pane, PVC casement window.

29. Can I choose the type of kitchen cabinets for my unit?
No, the cabinets are already installed. 

30. Can I choose the paint colours for my suite?
No, the suite interiors are painted in one standard color throughout.

Further Questions?

We would be happy to address any additional questions you may have. Please contact us for additional information or to make your purchase.